In the 476th issue's cover story of I-Weekly about Star Awards published in December 2006, the term "7 Princesses" was born.The term was conferred upon Jeanette Aw, Jesseca Liu, Felicia Chin, Joanne Peh, Fiona Xie, Rui En and Dawn Yeoh after a round of careful and deliberate assessment following the magazine's bid to find successors to Zoe Tay and Fann Wong.
The 7 Princesses alone accounted for 5 of the 10 winners in the Star Awards's "Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste" category in 2006.Since then, assorted media had been fondly using the term which contributed to the "7 Princesses" phenomenon.

七公主 7 Princesses is a term widely used in Singapore's entertainment industry to refer to the seven high profile, local popular actresses: DAWN YEOH, FELICIA CHIN, FIONA XIE, JEANETTE AW, JESSECA LIU, JOANNE PEH and RUI EN.

[2006-2009]. 7-Princess Era officially over. It is reported in i-weekly (no. 636) that the 7-Princess Era has officially ended as of now, it was a decision made by the editors of i-weekly, who have given the group of the 7 beauties this moniker in mid 2007. "About time to move on", it is quoted.

瑞恩与欧萱属于同个经纪公司 Hype Records

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气质公主--欧萱 (June 28, 1979)
性格公主--瑞恩 (January 29, 1981)

阳光公主--白薇秀 (April 25, 1982)

活力公主--陈靓瑄 (October 24 , 1984)

高贵公主--刘芷绚 (February 13, 1979)

性感公主--谢宛谕 (January 24, 1982)
可爱公主--姚懿珊 (May 5, 1986)
Credits: i-weekly
Edits: ouxuanfan


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NUS Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2009

NUS Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2009